Steering Gear - Remanufacturing

Does your truck suffer from :

  • Hard Steering?
  • Excessive Heat?
  • No Recovery?
  • Darting?
  • Binding?
  • High Steering Effort?
  • Shimmy?
  • Fluid Leakage?
  • Strange Noises?

    Is your truck a Road Wanderer instead of a Road Warrior?

    Then Don't Guess! Let Us Test!

  • Let our trained technicians test your gearbox. We have modern state-of-the-art testing equipment and can often repair or replace your unit the same day!

    Our Gearbox Exchange System has hundreds of re-built units in stock. We carry Ross, Saginaw, Sheppard, TRW, HPS, Eaton, and Vickers.

    We can also service your power steering pumps, hoses and fittings. Call the location nearest you for an estimate today.

  • Same Day service only available at Cleveland, Ohio location. Please call 1-800-362-1989 for an appointment.
  • Gearboxes can be exchanged at any branch.

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