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The Allstate safe driver discount is a great monetary incentive since the insurer will pay you a “Safe Driving Bonus Check” two times a year for each year that you remain accident free. 2. Raise deductibles if it makes sense. The kind and amount of auto insurance coverage you want will affect your rates. A simple and reliable way to decrease your auto coverage premium is to increase the deductible amount you’re prepared to pay in case you figure in an accident. However, you should also make sure you talk to an industry professional before you take this step, since it could also seriously cut into the reimbursement amount you’re eligible for, particularly in the case of minor repairs. At any rate, with higher deductibles, I pay less in premiums, which I can put towards my savings instead. 6. Maintain a good driving record. Getting into an accident is one of the most obvious ways to drive up your car insurance rates. But an alarming number of drivers continue to drive dangerously, increasing their odds of being involved in a collision ten fold.

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Nearly 3 million people are injured and over 40,000 people are killed. In the overwhelming majority of these accidents there is at least one party at fault. For virtually every one of these accidents, a policy of automobile insurance provides some sort of claim payments or benefits. In the vast majority of those claims, one or more insurance policies and/or applicable state law grants the insurer a right of subrogation against a negligent third party whose carelessness caused the accident. This book is the bible on subrogating those claims. This book covers the nuts and bolts of auto subrogation in all 50 states, covering every topic imaginable including PIP, Med Pay, UM/UIM, property claims, deductible reimbursement, no fault subrogation and more.

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