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aaa auto insurance in logan utah

Getting credit history, driving history and other background information to underwrite personal lines accounts is expensive. What if we could underwrite equally effectively by analyzing a person’s social media posts?It’s kind of a crazy idea, but that’s what SocialIntel. com is selling, and if it works, that could be a game changer for our industry. They aim to help carrier underwriters without using expensive data from the usual databases. Our guess is that it wouldn’t work too well for the over 40 crowd, but it probably works great on my generation who have a tendency of posting everything on social media. The coolest part of it is that they continually re evaluate the risk, not just at underwriting, claim, and renewal time. This could be a real game changer if they can sell the idea to the carriers and prove that it is truly predictive. Started by two former McKinsey consultants who were astonished at the backwardness of the insurance industry. They are focused on life and disability insurance and trying to disprove the idea that insurance is “sold and not bought”. They believe that if you educate the consumers with the right system they will buy the right product without a hard sell. Aimed squarely at the millennial buyer, their friendly Insurance Checkup takes 5 minutes and walks you through the different risks in your life.

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In this scenario, you may be able to have the owner or landlord pay for the damage with their homeowner's policy. However, this will be contingent on whether or not the homeowner was aware that the tree was dead or decrepit. You can not demand that they pay for it, if this was a simple act of nature. You should consult with a lawyer in this instance, as the laws, policies and situations will vary from case to case. If you can not get compensation from the homeowner's policy, then you can submit it under your full coverage or comprehensive coverage auto insurance policy. Again, it is important to remember that you should only make a claim with your auto insurance company if the cost of the damage to your car exceeds the amount of your deductible.

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